More and more Americans are now caring for an older relative inside their homes.  Aging in place is a trend that brings both savings and challenges with it.  One of the many things one has to consider when planning elder care at home is remodeling.

Remodeling bedrooms, bathrooms, providing phone access, keeping areas clutter-free, and changing floor coverings, furniture, entryways and lighting.  These constitute some of the basics of elder care remodeling.  Admittedly, it could be tiresome and expensive, but truly worth it.

Why?  Here are some reasons why remodeling should always form part of the plan in the care of older relatives:

1. Accessibility to all areas. Remodeling allows for easy access, making sure that seniors will be able to walk or sit in a wheelchair and navigate through certain areas of your house with ease.  It is a must for a room's or a house's door to be wide enough to let a wheelchair through. Providing ramps in lieu of or in addition to stairs would also be a good idea where there's a cane or a wheelchair involved. 2. Convenience. Seniors have special needs and remodeling helps you address these needs.  It provides convenience, too.  What may be a brisk walk up the stairs for you could be a nerve-wracking experience for them.  Make it convenient for elderly people to get into and out of their beds, while also providing necessary allowances like a phone in their rooms, stable furniture, and adequate lighting. 3. Safety. Remodeling reduces the risks of accidents.  From making sure that you have floors that are not too slippery to bathroom remodeling for better bathroom accessibility, to painting walls in noticeable colors, remodeling saves you from worrying that your elderly relatives would fall or get into an accident.  Side tip: Make sure that you get great new ideas such as a walk-in tub from experienced remodeling professionals! 4. Comfort. Remodeling also helps you provide comfort to your elderly loved ones.  From making sure that their bedroom is well-ventilated and well-lit by installing new windows and HVAC systems, to  avoiding putting up hard-to-access utilities, remodeling can help you ensure their comfort!