Do you have a small bathroom that needs a makeover?  Despite their reputation, small bathroom designs can be appealing to the eye and fully functional.  There are numerous tricks to conquering your remodeling project.  The overall goal is to make the best use of the space you have.  Also remember that one advantage of small bathrooms is lower prices.  You may be able to afford more expensive materials, if you need less of them.

First, consider how much space you want to set aside for storage in your bathroom.  Some tricks to accomplishing this are:

  • De-clutter your countertops with under-sink storage and towel bars.
  • Put a linen closet outside your bathroom instead of using valuable storage space inside the bathroom.
  • Open shelving without doors makes the room appear bigger by allowing you to see all the way to the wall
After you have your spacing figured out, think about what features will work best in the space. You probably haven’t thought about it before but sinks, showers and fixtures take up quite a bit of room in a bathroom. To conserve space, look into options like these:
  • Use a pedestal sink. It creates the illusion of extra square footage in a small bathroom and saves space.
  • Floating vanity.  These are great space savers without compromising style.
  • Glass shower enclosures. Glass doors stretch the room by allowing you to see from one end of the room to the other.
  • Bigger is not better. Oversized fixtures can make a small space feel even smaller. Accents should complement a space, not make you feel cramped.
  • Door placement. Poorly placed doors can take up as much as 25% of bathroom space. Strategically place your door where the “swing” won’t get in the way.
There are also options for walls that will make your bathroom appear larger.   These include:
  • Attention grabbers. Emphasize the height of the room with design elements like mosaic tile or staggered mirrors. It will draw attention to the ceiling – lengthening the room.
  • Light paint colors. Have you ever stepped into a white room and felt that it went on forever? While you may not want the same dramatic effect as that, the idea is the same.
  • Use angles. If you opt to use ceramic tile, lay it at a diagonal. It gives the illusion that the room is less cramped.
Don’t forget to add personal touches that not only highlight the space but also compliment the feel of the rest of your house. If you’re into feng shui, take a look at this article from eHow Home on how to achieve the perfect balance.

Once you have a solid plan for your bathroom remodeling project, call the experts at Statewide Remodeling who can help your vision come to life.  We work hard to achieve our client’s happiness for years to come! Need inspiration to get started? Visit our boards on Pinterest!