Bathroom renovation trends in 2015 will feature a more simplistic, cleaner and contemporary feel, according to a style repRenovated bathroom designed by Staewideort issued by The National Kitchen and Bath Association. The organization surveyed more than 400 designers for its report.

From custom showers to technology, bathrooms are getting an upgrade in 2015 that you may want to consider for your own home. Designers and homeowners aren’t completely ditching the traditional, rustic and cozy bathrooms of today, but they’re favoring cleaner and more modern lines. Here is a list of 5 bathroom remodeling trends to watch in the New Year.

1. Custom showers

These days taking a shower feels closer to a visit to the spa than ever before. Today’s showers are bigger, frameless and let in more light. They’re equipped with features like multi-head showers, waterfall shower heads, steam and mood lighting.

Walk-in showers are in trend and help the space look and feel bigger. Walk-in showers are also more accessible for seniors with mobility issues. The trend toward walk-in showers means that tubs are often being left out of bathroom designs. A walk-in shower also means that a bathtub with an attached shower is not necessary.

2. Free-standing and soaking tubs

For several reasons, bathtubs are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Some attribute it to the green movement and the push to conserve water while others attribute it to our busy lives not leaving time for soaking in the tub.

Whatever the reason, residential architects are reporting that they are designing more bathtub-free bathrooms than in previous years. For those that opt for a tub, free-standing and soaking bathtubs are the popular trend. The freestanding bath is more than aesthetic — it is emotive. Homeowners connect with the possibility of a bathroom that symbolizes their own space or down time whereas a freestanding bath inspires this feeling of self-indulgence in the midst of a busy life.

3. Gray is the New White

Gray, the fastest growing shade, is also a favorite color choice for bathrooms in 2015, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. White, blue and beige are still popular choices. Gray works nicely in bathrooms because it can be incorporated in a range of tones. It also works perfectly with white, allowing you to highlight white tubs and other features.

A gray and white base is the perfect foundation for playing with color- this means you can change your color schemes over the years to fit your latest desires. You won’t have to worry about your bathroom looking outdated or costing you a fortune by remodeling with gray

4. Under-mounted sinks

In previous years, bowl-shaped sinks on cabinets may have been popular, but 2015 is all about the under-mounted sink. Designers and homeowners are trading their storage space for a more modern “leggy” sink. With no rim around the sink to sit above the countertop, they're well-suited to small bathrooms and can alter the look of the space

5. Technology

High tech faucets, LED lighting, and advanced electronics are the wave of the future for bathrooms. Consider a digital showering system or a programmable shower with smart features like a heat mode, a timer and a way to pause water flow. Several companies are also launching smart toilets that close, lift and flush automatically. Some bathrooms even come equipped with Bluetooth. There are several modern gadgets that are now incorporated in bathrooms. Give your bathroom a digital overhaul to keep it current.

The end of the year is the perfect time of year to consider the upgrades you’ll be making to your bathroom. The bathrooms of 2015 will be luxurious, classic, high-tech and open. They will feel more contemporary overall.

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