It’s a new year and with it come new trends in home design, decor, and the housing market! These remodels are expected to be huge this year, keep reading to check them out!

More Natural Light

This is starting to become a truly timeless trend! Open up your space and let the light in with bigger (energy-efficient) windows and sliding glass doors. Sunrooms are another great way to add a bright and sunny space. You can also ask your general contractor about adding skylights!

Open Floor Plan

Similarly, open floor plans are also making their way into 2019. Opening up your kitchen to your dining or living room will make your space flow better and will help distribute natural light throughout. An open floor plan can completely change the look and feel of a home’s interior.

New Flooring

Natural stones are a big upcoming trend. Try easy to clean tile in high mess areas like the kitchen and bathroom, and rougher stones for outdoor areas like your front and back patios. If your home was built on a concrete foundation, you can tear out the old flooring and stain the concrete for an affordable and durable option.

Upgraded Kitchens

Tiling the kitchen, countertop to ceiling, is expected to become a huge trend. The look adds texture and visual interest to your space. Out with painted feature walls and in with interesting tiles!

Darker colored cabinets and countertops will also make a big splash this year. We’ll be leaning away from neutral grays and saying goodbye to all white to welcome a navy, black, and forest green palette with gold hardware and fixtures.

Storage space and functional designs will remain a big trend; designs that look good but don't function well won't make the cut this year.

Feeling inspired? Request a free quote to see what these projects could look like for you!