At Statewide Remodeling, we offer several different design options for exterior home additions. In Texas when the hot temperatures can quickly burn away what little there is of spring and fall, residents often feel like they spend most of the year trying to escape the heat. That is where building a patio, pergola or sunroom can come in handy.  Each room addition has its own purpose and advantages for making your time outside at your home the best it can be, but which one is the best fit for your lifestyle and home?

Let the Breeze In: Patios

Patios are traditionally built as an attachment to help connect the home and backyard, creating a natural transition from inside to outside. Homeowners shouldn’t fear that a patio addition will look like it was obviously added after the house was built. Patios can be designed and built to look as if they originally came with the home. Patio additions are open on three sides, they offer complete cover from the Texas sun, and are at their best when there is a nice breeze. Lastly, patios are very low-maintenance. Once built, they don’t need much upkeep the way a pergola or a sunroom might. Patios are the traditional option for families who love barbecues and outdoor dining.

A Separate Paradise: Pergolas

Pergolas can exist as an attached feature to your home, or they can even be built away from a house to help establish a freestanding, secondary sitting area for family and guests. Additionally, pergolas are also very customizable because they come in so many different styles, and homeowners can decorate them according to their tastes and the seasons.


Much like patios, pergolas are best for protecting visitors and loungers from the sun without taking away from the overall scenery. However, where patios provide complete cover, pergolas give partial shade without completely obstructing the sun from view. They were designed to take advantage of the spring and summer temperatures, but they’re not great for the winter months. Pergolas look great next to swimming pools or when creating a secluded relaxation area away from a noisy home.

Enjoy it All: Sunrooms

With such active and dynamic weather patterns, Texas residents have to be ready for any kind of weather at any time. It is too common for it to be sunny one day and cold the next during fall and spring. These temperature changes don’t mean that you have to stay locked indoors – away from enjoying your backyard. The primary advantage of a sunroom is that is an all-weather, multipurpose room that lends itself to the homeowner’s needs.


Homeowners who want to enjoy their backyard and outdoor scenery, no matter what the weather, should look into a sunroom. They can often be more comfortable than a traditional patio or pergola because they can be outfitted with couches, TVs, pool tables, etc. You have an expansive view of the outside, and you can even raise a window or two to let air in – but not bugs – through screens.

Regardless of the house addition that you choose, the process should be managed from start to finish by a professional, like the design experts at Statewide Remodeling. Contact us today to receive a free in-home evaluation on a home addition that allows you to enjoy the Texas weather to the fullest.