Diana Blood

Anyone who has purchased products and services from Statewide Remodeling has most likely had the pleasure of working with Finance Manager, Diana Blood and her team. Diana has worked with Statewide Remodeling since May of 1994, just a couple of weeks after Statewide opened their doors and is one of the many reasons that Statewide Remodeling enjoys rave reviews from their customers.

Prior to coming to work for Statewide, Diana had worked for Statewide Remodeling President Rob Levin and Frank Manzare, VP in another company for ten years. All total she has over 25 years experience in the Home Improvement, and Mortgage Lending industry.

This base of experience allows Diana and her department to work closely with Statewide customers to ensure that they get the financing they need to purchase their home improvements. Statewide Remodeling has access to all financing options ranging from revolving credit, to home improvement loans, refinancing options, reverse mortgages and in-house financing. Diana and her team take pride in facilitating financing options for Statewide’s customers. She credits having all of these options to the high level of integrity and financial strength that Statewide has with multiple financial institutions to offer their programs. One of her most valued successes is the birth of their in-house finance program, Choice Financial Solutions LLC. This program assists customers with less than perfect credit still achieve their dream of improving their home with Statewide remodeling, when they may have been declined by other companies who do not have a program such as Choice.

Diana enjoys her work with Statewide customers so much that she has hard time leaving the office in the evening. Can you imagine loving your job that much? Working with customers is her favorite part of her job. During the financing process her customers become friends. She often is invited to their homes to see the improvements after they have been completed.

Diana gives amazing accolades to Rob Levin and Frank Manzare for creating a fun and enjoyable work environment. Because Rob and Frank are so good to work for, they are able to attract a lot of talented people who want to work there and who continue working for Statewide for years. Diana’s team is an example of this. Viray Coe, has been with Statewide for 10 + years, Brianna O’Neal has been with Statewide 2+ years starting her career with Statewide as a teenager working in the summertime. Andrew Stuckey has been with Statewide for 2 + years and although Renee Kaser has been with Statewide only 10 months, her predecessor, Marijene Brandon had been with Statewide for 16+ years. Those who have been with Statewide for less than 10 years have become part of the Statewide family due to their phenomenal success and growth!

Diana credits Owner(s) Rob Levin and Frank Manzare with what literally has become a family like work environment. Everyone who comes to work for Statewide becomes part of the family. There are also second generation employees at Statewide. Mary, the accounting manager has a

son who is in Sales, Ray in Marketing has a son who is in Sales, Diana’s daughter Brianna and Nephew Andrew, and Niki in Marketing’s daughter all work for Statewide.

Outside of work, Diana enjoys spending time with her family. She is married to Guy Blood and they have 4 children: Brianna, Ryan, Steven and Nicholas and their newest addition is her grandson, Colt. She and her husband Guy enjoy riding their Harley and take trips as often as they can. Diana enjoys working with multiple types of arts and crafts. .

Diana is very proud of her children and loves to talk about them. Brianna, 25 is married to Zachary O’Neal and works with her at Statewide. Brianna is the mother of her wonderful grandson Colt. Ryan, 22, is a Senior at UT Arlington and will graduate in December of this year. He works with youth in depressed areas while studying to earn his degree in Urban Studies from UT Arlington. Ryan has been doing this type of work since he was fourteen years old and he is truly following his passion. Ryan has an upcoming internship in New Jersey this summer.

Steven, 16, will be a Jr. at Bethesda Christian School. He works with his brother Ryan with a group of mentors working with children and loves learning different languages. Steven may become a missionary one day! Nicholas, 15, will be a Jr. at Bethesda Christian School and is a sports fanatic. He plans on attending the University of Nebraska.

Diana’s long term plan is to remain at Statewide and continue to be a part of the ongoing growth and success of Statewide Remodeling. When Steven and Nicholas leave the family nest, she and Guy will purchase an RV 2 Harleys and hit the road!

Diana Blood is one of the many incredible employees that work for Statewide Remodeling. Wouldn’t you like to have Diana help you through your next remodeling project?