At Statewide Remodeling, our primary focus from start to finish is on our customers’ complete satisfaction. And it’s been that way for well over 25 years now! We pour our heart and soul into every home remodel we complete, and we take pride in maintaining a laser-like focus on you, your family, and your unique home.


Every once in a while, though, we like to take a step back and see how we stack up to the competition—and we’re excited to share that the results are in! On 2020’s most comprehensive and important industry roundups, we’re officially ranked among the very best home remodelers in Texas, across the region, and throughout the entire United States.

Leading the Pack for Remodeling in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

Statewide Remodeling has earned top spots on the following big-ticket lists:

  • #3 on the Remodeling 550 by Remodeling Magazine – with $68.2 million in sales and 3,250 jobs completed in 2019
  • #6 on the Top 500 by Qualified Remodeler – with $278 million in sales and 18,500 jobs completed in 2019 (combined with our sister company, FHIA Remodeling)

As these rankings show, we’re not just a Southern USA remodeling company! Although our service areas do focus on Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, we’re on an even playing field with the biggest and most successful remodeling companies nationwide.

Rising in the Ranks: A History of Our Impressive Standings

Since we first opened our doors back in 1994, Statewide Remodeling has been on a mission to set ourselves apart from your typical roofing company or home remodeling contractor. Day in and day out, our dedicated professionals have committed themselves to growing our company through excellent customer service and high-quality products.

And our hard work shows! Take a look back at our timeline to see exactly how much we’ve grown.

Remodeling 550 List by Remodeling Magazine

  • 2019… #3 with $61.8M and 4,018 jobs in 2018 (full service list)
  • 2018… #16 with $56.4M and 4,082 jobs in 2017 (specialty list)
  • 2017… #12 with $51M and 3,877 jobs in 2016 (specialty list)
  • 2016… #10 with $44M and 3,581 jobs in 2015 (specialty list)

Top 500 List by Qualified Remodeler

  • 2019… #23 with $61.8M and 4,018 jobs in 2018
  • 2018… #23 with $56.4M and 4,082 jobs in 2017
  • 2017… #25 with $51M and 3,877 jobs in 2016 

Experience Our Top-Rated Service for Yourself Today!

We’re proud of our standing as the #6 top remodeling company in the South and nationwide, but we aren’t going to rest on our laurels, either. If anything, this ranking will push us to provide even better products and services to valued customers like you. We’re aiming for the top and won’t stop until we’ve earned a five-star review from every customer that we’re privileged enough to serve.

Whether you need a bathroom remodeler, a sunroom designer, or an impact window company, Statewide Remodeling is here to serve you. Experience the service that’s rocketed us to the top of the industry by reaching out today! Call us or fill out our online form to request your free in-home cost estimate—with same- or next-day appointments guaranteed.