We’re excited to launch a new offer this September: 12 months same as cash. But what exactly does that mean for you? Let’s break down what this financing style actually means for Statewide Remodeling homeowners so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

Benefits of Financing

Financing a project is a relatively quick, easy, and secure process with no additional expenses. It also allows your project to start right away. For homeowners who are upgrading for non-cosmetic reasons, this is an important perk.

At Statewide Remodeling, we work with multiple lenders that all compete for your business. Doing this allows us to customize a financing plan that meets your needs at the lowest possible costs. Opting to finance also means you can save your credit balances for emergencies and you don’t have to put your home at risk, like with a home equity loan.

12 Months Same as Cash

As a nationally ranked remodeler, Statewide is able to offer a 12-month deferral period from any payments for your new project. This means, when you are approved for financing, you have one year without any interest or payments. In other words, if you pay off the loan in its entirety within that same as cash period, you won’t owe any interest on your project! After 12 months your payments will start, and you’ll be on your way to paying off your new addition.

Ready to get started on your project? Request a free quote right now and talk to your rep about financing with our 12 Months Same as Cash offer to take advantage of this special plan. If you have questions on financing, we’d love to connect. Give us a call (214) 891-7559.


*Subject to credit approval and creditworthiness, some options may not be available and other terms may apply. Offer good on initial call/visit only. Ask rep for details.