When an area has suffered from any wide-scale natural calamity such as flooding and earthquake, local news outlets often come out with news stories on hiring contractors with BBB accreditation.  There are also a lot of experts that tell you to choose a BBB-accredited home remodeling company over non-accredited ones.

But why does a BBB accreditation mean so much for remodelers in particular?

BBB Connotes Trust. BBB, short for Better Business Bureau, aims to be the go-to guide when it comes to businesses you can trust.  This includes remodelers for home improvements and repair.  The BBB accredits only those who agree to their standards for trust, which is a set of procedure, policies and best practices to be upheld by each BBB-accredited business.

The BBB thereby ensures that the businesses it accredits have integrity and can satisfactorily deliver what they say they will deliver, and do so on time.

Choosing BBB-Accredited  Remodelers Help You Save Money. Some people compare quotes from remodelers and hire one based purely on how their prices compare.  But because of shoddy work and poor workmanship, clients end up spending more in repairs and having everything redone by another provider.

Because the BBB only accredits skillful remodelers, you have a guarantee that you are not hiring an amateur to do a professional’s job.

BBB-Accreditation Helps You Choose Service Providers in a Timely Manner. Think of a BBB accreditation as a powerful testimonial of the remodeler’s trustworthiness and skills.  Choosing exclusively from BBB-accredited remodelers not only cuts down the list of potential providers, it also helps you avoid sham operations.

The BBB also helps you cut down on research time.  Aside from calling up two or three previous customers as provided by the remodeler, you can have a reliability report from the BBB.  The report can help you know what complaints were lodged against the company in the past, and even see how long a remodeler has been in business.

Other Benefits from the BBB. There are a lot of other conveniences that the BBB can give a homeowner looking for a trustworthy, qualified and skilled service provider.  Some BBB websites provide you with a comprehensive list of accredited remodelers.  Some even allow you to request a quote directly from the website, making price comparison or shopping easier.

Statewide Remodeling has an A+ rating with the BBB.  If that is not enough, the company is highly regarded as Texas’ Most Recommended Remodeler and has been voted as one of the Top 500 Remodelers in 2010.