The sounds of banging hammers, screeching drills, and buzzing saws are enough to give a parent in the middle of a remodel a headache. Add rambunctious children to the equation and you not only have the makings of a heart attack, but also potentially a safety hazard – especially if undertaking larger projects like bathroom remodeling. For small, quick updates like new countertops, sometimes sending kids on a visit to a friend or relative may suffice. However, for less confined projects,  you may need to get creative to keep your children occupied.

Here are a series of different activities to keep your kids out of the construction mess – some indoor, some out, some lasting an hour, and others that can take all day. These ideas are meant to be budget friendly, and there’s even an idea to help your kids make a little pocket change.

Head to the Library

Often a free resource, a library can be a lot of fun and can keep your kids’ brain muscles exercising during the summer break. Some libraries host events like reading hours or bring in volunteer storytellers. If a library isn’t close, bookstores often serve the same purpose and can even contain cafés or coffee shops.

Camp Out

What’s a better way to get out of the house than literally getting out of the house and into a tent? Camping brings with it a slew of activities like fishing and hiking. Don’t want to stray too far from your house? Pitch a tent in the backyard and let the family fun begin.

Give Back

Volunteer in your local community or for an organization you care about. If you need help finding a place to volunteer, Volunteers of America can help you find opportunities in your area. Community service is a great way to keep your kids active while teaching positive behavior  and values.

Get Out and Play

Don’t overlook a day at the park. Plan a picnic, a game of  football, or even a ride on a nearby biking trail. If you’re looking for a really entertaining activity, try geocaching, a fun worldwide scavenger hunt-like game.


Especially in the summer heat, a pool or lake can really help you and your family cool off and ease the stress from a remodel. Many communities have pools that are free or cost just a few dollars to get into. Don’t forget to check out your local YMCA or recreation center.

Recreation Center

Board games, billiards, and even ping pong tables are just a few of the things you’re likely to find in a recreation center. They are generally very economical and can entertain for hours in a temperature-controlled environment.

Start Your Own Construction Project

If construction is going on in the house, let your kids feel like part of the action by helping them start a construction project outside of the house. Take a trip to your local hardware store and help your kids build a new play house or tree house.


If you and your family are exhausted and just want to kick back and relax, a movie is always a good option. Some theaters offer discounts based on day of the week, matinees, and a child’s age.

Lemonade Stand

Setting up a lemonade stand is a classic way to keep your kids fully invested in something that is outside of the house. You can really get creative with this traditional fundraiser with some ideas from Pinterest. Not to mention, your kids will walk away feeling like millionaires.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears –Oh My!

Zoos can be enjoyable for the whole family. The various displays and activities can really become a daylong exploration. And, by the time your kids get home, they’ll sleep like sloths.

No matter what your budget – whether you’re bathroom remodeling or installing replacement windows – or how wild your kids are­, there is some activity to keep them out of the house while having fun during a remodel.

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