Welcome to 2022! When it comes to resolutions about getting in shape or starting a new diet, it’s pretty common for people to abandon their goals for the new year within three months. If you’re looking to make a resolution to take better care of your home, here is all the information you’ll need to make sure you start the year off right (and how to make sure you keep the new lifestyle going through 2022 and beyond)! Keep reading to learn some achievable, easy things you can do to stay motivated improving your home in the new year. 



Renew Your Relaxation Space

Bedrooms can become a retreat of and for your dreams, so long as you have a clear vision of how you want to feel while in this space. Do you tend to get distracted and scroll endlessly online, losing precious hours of sleep? Make the change in 2022, and begin creating a relaxing, no-screens atmosphere. You can create better bedtime habits by setting your phone to “Do Not Disturb” after dinner and turning off overhead lighting until morning time. You’ll notice a lack of screen time before bed can lead to better sleep! Reward yourself for these new habits by investing in a comfier bed set! 



Upgrade your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in any home, so it’s important to personalize this space now if you haven’t done so beforehand. Use the new year as an excuse to upgrade your bathroom space! Whether it be a tub-to-shower conversion or transitioning to a walk-in tub, make sure your bathroom space reflects your personality and unique needs. If you need inspiration, you can check out some of our past projects here. People spend an average of 416 days in a lifetime in their bathroom, so you may as well make it a pleasant experience! 

Stay Safe 

The beginning of a New Year is a great time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. The National Fire Protection Association put together this handy guide so you know the optimal places for your smoke detectors. We all are prone to forget, so the best reminder is the first day of the year! This is a great time to change more than batteries – you should also check your in-home fire extinguisher, and get your roof and electrical system inspected. 


Save Energy

The best time to minimize your carbon footprint is now! If you’re looking to be more environmentally friendly or lower your energy costs, here are a few tips. 

  • Upgrade to energy-efficient windows

  • Replace your A/C filter regularly to help your unit run more efficiently 

  • Replace old, high-flow showerheads with water-efficient showerheads

  • Plant trees – not only will it add value and curb appeal to your home, but this is as earth-friendly as you can get in a pinch!

  • Unplug devices when not in use 

  • Replace outdated, high-flow showerheads with a water-efficient showerhead (we can do this for you during a bath renovation)!


Do you have any other ideas for home improvement or upkeep, or want to share your New Year’s resolutions with us? Reach out to us on social media


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