Well it’s been awhile since I have posted anything here but there has been a lot going on at Statewide. We are working on our new 6000 square foot Showroom that we will be moving into in January. It will have several full size venues of all the products we offer. Kitchen Cabinet refacing is a new product line we are introducing this month. We had the manufacture come to our showroom & convert an old kitchen display & it looks great. This is a product that will completely update your kitchen at about 1/2 the price. This new refacing is all wood & wood veneer no plastic laminated product like some of the other guys use. Our exclusive eShield attic barrier is taking the radiant barrier market by storm. This is a true energy saver that will save homeowners money year around. Not just in the summer since it blocks heat in both directions. It is not a paint or just a foil barrier this is a multi layer product it has an R11 rating and qualifies for the $1,500 energy tax credit which by the way ends in December of this year. The paint on & foil products don’t qualify for the tax credit because they have no R value. This is the reason the paint on guys offer free blown fiberglass insulation with their paint because this is the only way the paint qualifies! As I say in my ads “Kick the bucket” Paint on radiant barrier only lasts 5 years…do the research & you will see . I added eSheild in my house last year and even with this Texas heat wave we have had this year my cooling bills are averaging 15-20% less than last summer. On another subject starting tomorrow I will be redoing one of my baths to a shower with our exclusive Luxury Bath liner product. This product has Microban which eliminates mold & mildew in your tub or shower. I will be posting video of the install on YouTube so look it up under bath tub liners. Talk to you again soon

Frank Manzare VP/Partner Statewide Remodeling