Home value is determined by a number of factors, not all of which are within your control. However, there are a couple of things you could do to stand out in the market, sell quickly, and for top dollar. The key is to keep your buyer in mind and to not stray too far from your neighborhood stats. Keep reading for ways to stand out in today’s housing market.

Mint Condition

The appeal of newer homes is that – well – they’re new. New roof, plumbing, electrical, etc. means it’s less likely to break down or need to be replaced soon. If you’re thinking of selling your home, a smart move would be to hire your own inspector and fix any problems they may find. A buyer will pay top dollar for a home that’s move-in ready and an inspector’s report, plus knowledge of any upgrades you’ve made, go a long way in proving that there won’t be any expensive repairs to be made before getting settled.

Here’s a comprehensive home inspection checklist to get you started. If you find your windowsdoors, or siding need repairing, request your free quote here.

Goodbye popcorn ceilings.

Preferred home styles have definitely changed over the years. Depending on when you bought your home, you could have certain features that are holding you back (popcorn ceilings, for example). Getting rid of these features would prevent you from dating the house and thus open it up to more buyers.

Hello modern, simple neutrals.

Like the outdated features, older finishes or personalized wall colors and wallpaper can make it really difficult for new buyers to picture themselves in that space. Minor bath and kitchen remodels with neutral color schemes can make your home look brand new.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom and kitchen to sell, our designer would love to help. Request a free quote!

Neighborhood Extras

A big part of your home’s value comes from its location. Mainly, the houses around it (your direct competition) and surrounding schools, entertainment options, and employment opportunities. You should keep all of these in mind when you’re thinking of selling.

  • Take a look at the other houses in your neighborhood, what features do they have that you don’t?

  • If you’re in a great school district, your buyers will most likely have kids – what can you do or add to the home that would make it appealing to them?

  • Depending on the median age in your neighborhood, you could consider adding accessible bathroom options, an in-law suite, or luxurious bathrooms and a giant master.

Make your home stand out to your potential buyers but do so while keeping in the style of the neighborhood or you won’t see a return on investment.

Remodeling to sell is completely different than remodeling for your preferences. It’s always a smart idea to consult with a real estate agent that has experience in your area. They will help you strategically plan your remodels to maximize your ROI and shorten your time on the market. Ready to get started? We have great monthly specialsfinancing options, AND a lifetime warranty on our workRequest your free quote!