Over the last few weeks, we’ve noticed an uptick in bloggers, homeowners, and home improvement professionals talking about how stressful and painful remodeling projects can be. With comparisons to everything from pregnancy to surgery, we had to step in before the next story included an open-heart surgery reference!

The truth is – remodeling is disruptive. There are plenty of horror stories about remodeling that are quick to remind you of that. However, even in the best remodeling scenarios, some adjustments are needed from homeowners in order to start and finish the project in a timely manner. That can mean rearranging your morning schedule, finding a child or pet sitter, or eating out more because your kitchen is out of service.

We reached out to three other remodeling professionals to gauge how they manage client stress levels during a remodeling project. Neil Parsons of Design Build Pros, Ed Cholfin of AK Renovations, Paul Hamtil of Hamtil Construction, and our own General Manager, Jerry Melton, all weighed in to explain what years of remodeling experience means for improving the customer experience.

Discuss Expectations

Before a single tool is lifted, your remodeling company should provide you with a timetable that includes the project’s goals. It’s important to understand that a timetable is the best-case scenario. Weather, material delays, and labor shortages are some of the problems that can stall a project and cause the contractor to have over-promised and under-delivered on time and service.  If there are any delays on a Statewide project, Jerry promptly handles rescheduling and updates clients on a regular basis.

Aside from project length, you should discuss daily start and end times, safety concerns, off-limit areas, and more. Try not to be discouraged if you do experience delays. Allow the professionals to do what they do best and deliver on your expectations.


Hiring a contractor gives you the right to know details about what’s going on in your home. Your project manager or point of contact should keep you updated on a regular basis. Neil sets up a communication board at every job site. Clients can leave messages and voice concerns. Weekly emails and face-to-face conversations provide the opportunity to reinforce the schedule and to discuss changes.

If you don’t see what you asked for, address it immediately. If you catch a mistake before the job is completed, it will be less inconvenient to come back and fix it. Discuss your communication preferences as well. Do you prefer phone calls over emails? Is there a service line that clients can use after work hours? Just like in any relationship, an open line of communication is important.

The Ultimate Stress Reliever

An ongoing remodeling project is not the only thing happening in your life. If your head is spinning, take a break and treat yourself to a spa day or take the family out to dinner. Allow yourself to regroup before launching forward again. Paul and Ed both recommend this for their clients, and if you’re lucky, it might just be on the house!

As a member of the remodeling contractor industry, our job is to provide you with a product that we can both take pride in. We want to spend the exact right amount of time to finish the job and exceed your expectations – no more, no less. At Statewide Remodeling, we don’t believe in inconveniencing clients, wasting resources, or leaving a project halfway complete. We won’t disappear on you, and if you’re not satisfied, our job is not done.

If you’re ready to move forward with your next home improvement project, contact us today at (800)-731-0197.