We all have them, a project we started forever ago and just haven’t finished. The supplies and materials are either neatly tucked away or sitting in a corner, reminding us of that unfinished item on our to-do list. Whether from work obligations, family events, or simply lost interest, getting a project back on track can be difficult and even frustrating. Here are a few tips to help you finish what you started.

Project on Pause

Everybody starts a project intending to finish it. The excitement and anticipation of transforming a space drives you forward. You’re finally going to replace the ugly windows or re-tile the bland bathroom. With your supplies and how-to guide, you may spend the next few days tackling it until that fateful interruption. Distractions are a big reason why DIY home remodeling jobs are not completed. Running to the store for more supplies or dropping everything to attend to a family matter is all it takes for the process to stall.

For a multi-tasker, this problem is amplified because you’re juggling more than one thing at a time. While it seems efficient at first, something ultimately gets a lower priority. Even natural stopping points, like letting a fresh coat of paint dry, can distract you. In other cases, the scale of the process might be too overwhelming, and the small break you take to regain focus could turn into months. So, how do you put a project back in gear?

Commit, Commit, Commit

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to completely eliminate distractions. But, you can plan for them. If you have children, send them on a visit to a relative’s or a friend’s house. That will keep them away from the work site and out of your hair.

Enlist the help of a friend or relative on the project. Four hands are better than two. Also, be mindful of the time commitment for each project. Underestimating can leave you in a lurch which ultimately drags out the project. The best thing to do is to clear your schedule of all other obligations and give yourself enough time for hang-ups. Make sure you know what you’re doing. Your local home improvement store and the Internet can be great resources – but make sure the information is good. To finish a project on time, you really need to get all of your ducks in a row by planning ahead and so you can make adjustments as you work.

Hand it Over

The gratification of a completed project can be better than process of completing a job. Waiting and waiting to complete a job by yourself can end up delaying any satisfaction, though. If you’re in that situation, don’t be afraid to seek the help of a professional. Remodeling can get tricky and that’s something that we understand very well.

A remodeling company has a team of specialists who work quickly and efficiently. And best of all, once the project is done, it’s done and done right. No need to think about miscellaneous supplies lying around or trying to find the right tools. You’re left with great results and workmanship that you can be proud of.

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