We have been extremely busy here at Statewide since the first of the year. The Solar photovoltaic manufacture I was working with turned out not to be what we thought they where. I am working with a new supplier on this product and plan to go to market with Solar by early summer. It’s pretty exciting! With Oncor & Federal rebates, a homeowner will be able to replace between 30 & 40% of their electric costs for around $14-15,000. This can give an ROI in the 8% range. I don’t know where you can get that kind of consistent return with your money in the bank? I know I can’t. I am in the process of getting one of these systems installed on my home. I’ll keep you updated on that. We are bracing ourselves for our first email blast with Costco for our eSheild product. Our manufacturer of this product, which I just had installed in my house, has made an arrangement to distribute this product through Costco.com. The email goes out next week to over 10,000,000 Costco customers!! I need to get back to work to continue to prepare for this.


Frank Manzare VP/Partner Statewide Remodeling