The tiles are outdated, the fixtures are rusting and you’re tired of caulking around the tub. Sound familiar? It’s the small annoyances that you notice over the years that make you want to rip everything out and start all over again. Before you or someone else starts remodeling your bathroom, consider all aspects of the project before committing to it.

Is It Worth It?                                                                                         

Assess the issues you’re having with your bathrom carefully. Often, homeowners will resort to drastic measures to resolve frustrations – but only suceed in making matters worse. Other times, a full remodel is the only valid option. Builders, in a haste to meet strict deadlines, can easily make mistakes in the construction process, and owners may not find out until years later. If you think the problem is beyond what you can handle, shop around for estimates.

Where Do I Find a Contractor?

In today’s market, homeowners can choose from several resources to help them decide on a bathroom remodeling company or local handy man.  Referrals, however, are still one of the best ways to learn first hand about the quality of work and service levels. You can also refer to governing organizations like the Consumers’ Choice Award, Better Business Buerau and Energy Star for their approved businesses and partnerships.

What Will it Cost?

Home remodeling is a significant financial commitment, even for do-it-yourself projects. If your budget isn’t aligned with your job expectations, you can end up with a half-done bathroom and heavy doses of frustration. Answer the honest questions about your financial security with your family. Some companies offer remodeling financing options that you’ll want to discuss with them in depth. If costs becomes a factor, you may have to break up the project into phases. In some situations a contractor can handle the bulk of the work while you focus on smaller updates and finishing touches afterward.

How Long Will it Take?

You’ve probably heard “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and a bathroom remodel might not be either.  Whether you use a contractor or family and friends, establish a reasonable timeframe to have it completed.  After the financing process, remodeling companies have to work with various outside sources to gather what they need to complete a remodel plan. They also need to coordinate with their other projects and make sure they have enough manpower available. Add a couple of days to the end of your schedule as cushion for unexpected situations. A timely finish to a project is everyone’s goal, but the best plan is to plan for the unexpected.

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