A shared bathroom can become a place filled with clutter. Optimizing your space while focusing on appearance can make for a great space. With limited space in a bathroom, every inch should be utilized to be a functioning area. Here at Statewide Remodeling, our goal is functional and appealing bathrooms for every homeowner, so we’ve collected a few tips on how to achieve that!


Cabinet Organization 

There are a variety of items that live in your bathroom. From dental care to makeup, hair products to cleaning supplies, you have to have a space for all of it! This means that the space under your sink or on top of your toilet is valuable for storage. Creating an organization system that is easy to follow and utilizes the space. 

Using clear bins to create an organization system can help you have a well functioning space. In a shared space, it can be helpful to have labels to keep a clear system. Categorizing bins and storing items where they are easily accessible make a great organizational system. 



Counter Display 

Use counter space wisely! This is an area you have to look at each day as well as any guests you have over your home. These spaces are great for things you use every single day, as well as a place to add some style items. Table trays, candles, or scent diffusers are a great addition to add style to your counter space. 


Utilize Hanging Space

The back of your door is a great space to use for towel storage. Adding hooks and hanging towels here will help clear up space from your cabinets. This is also a low maintenance area that can look organized with little to no effort. With multiple options sof hooks or towel racks, this space can be a great way to maximize space. 


Use Color

There are a lot of spaces in your bathroom where you can add color and create a style for the room. Bath mats, towels, and shower curtains are all a great area to add some personality to your room. Picking one or two colors for your space creates an ideal appearance. In a smaller bathroom, having light colors can brighten up the space and make it feel larger. 


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