Solar Hot Water Heaters are ‘heating up’ the competiton with their energy saving benefits for homes. Solar water heating systems provide hot water while using minimal electricity, resulting in reduced energy costs and a more environmentally friendly home. These innovative systems work by collecting heat from the sun in panels mounted to the roof (as show below). A special fluid is warmed by the heat in the panels and travels to a collector tank where potable water is stored. The hot fluid passes through a coil in the tank and heats the water before returning to the roof panels. With this system in place a homeowner has hot water on hand whenever needed without using expensive, fuel-driven energy from the public grid to create it. Solar hot water can offset the electricity is takes to heat all of your household water by up to 90% in an all electric home. Most people don’t realize that an electric water heater is the second biggest user of energy behind your heating and air conditioning in your home. Additionally, installation of all solar products, including solar water heating systems, qualifies a homeowner for a valuable 30% tax credit valid through December 31, 2016. Solar water heating is just one of the many ways in which you can improve the energy efficiency of your home for lower energy bills. SWR Energy Solutions, a member of the well-respected Statewide Remodeling family of companies, offers solar hot water systems for Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Mesquite, and surrounding communities.