Tips on How to Look for the Right Home Remodeling Contractor

Looking for the perfect home remodeling company is not easy, not only because there are many contractors out there offering their services, but also because there are only a few you can trust.

So how do you look for a highly qualified and reliable home remodeling contractor?  You don’t have to be an expert at home remodeling to do so.  Here are five simple tips.

1.  Ask for referrals.  Do you know somebody who had previously hired insulation contractors, bath or kitchen remodeling contractors, or home improvement companies?  Ask them how they found these companies and ask to take a look at the work.  The safest bet is to get at least two referrals before meeting with any contractors.  And once you get in touch with a contractor, ask for photos and phone numbers of previous clients.  You can call these previous clients and get feedback.  You can also check forums and read up on reviews. 2.  Check availability.  Once you get in touch with a home improvement company, ask them if they can get the job done within your timeline.  It is frustrating to homeowners if a contractor promises to complete a particular project and doesn’t deliver on that promise.  However, if not one of the contractors you have contacted is willing to commit to the timeline you have set, then that may mean you have very high expectations.  You need to make sure your timeline does not force contractors to do quick yet low-quality work. 3.  Check quoting and billing practices.  Ask the contractor about his quoting or billing procedure.  What specific services are included in their billing? Does it include clean-up, for instance?  Ask too if they itemize fuel surcharges, labor, material up-charges, and waste removal, etc. in their invoice, or if they just roll everything up in one big bill.  See if their quoting and billing procedure works for you, and if not, ask if they can adjust it. 4.  Trust your instincts.  Look at the contractor and observe his outside appearance – the way he dresses and carries himself – and his manners.  Does he conduct himself in a professional way?  Is he clean and can you tell if he takes good care of his tools and equipment?  If you have a negative impression, then you might as well look for another contractor.  Trust your home to people who makes you feel at ease. 5.  Does your contractor promote energy-efficient and environment-friendly products and practices?  It is best to choose a contractor who shows you ways to make your home more energy-efficient and ways to save on energy bills.  Know about the attic insulation products it uses, for instance.  Will the remodeling work on your home give you the chance to get energy tax credits?  Is the contractor an Energy Star partner?

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