You may have heard of Energy Star but are wondering what it really is about and what being an Energy Star partner means.

For starters, Energy Star is a program developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency or EPA as a way to identify as well as promote products and practices that are proven energy efficient.  Specifically, the Energy Star label or program was established to reduce pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions that are brought about by the inefficient energy use.  Energy Star products are therefore proven to help consumers save money on their energy bills while also protecting the environment, without them sacrificing comfort and performance.

Since Energy Star was developed, the government has partnered with industry members to support the program.  A partner’s tasks include promoting the program and expanding its scope to include not just major home appliances (like refrigerators, air conditioning units, heating/cooling systems) but also new homes and new buildings.  As such, home remodeling companies can be Energy Star partners, too.

For a home improvement company  to be an Energy Star partner, it has to provide home products that help home owners reduce energy costs.  Thanks to major advances in technology, we now have products like solar water heaters, radiant barrier reflective insulation, vinyl siding and vinyl replacement windows.

An attic radiant barrier insulation that is from an Energy Star partner, for instance, is guaranteed to make homes more energy-efficient and to solve the problem of skyrocketing heating and cooling bills.  Many homeowners, as you know, do not realize the importance of proper home or attic insulation  until a product like this allows them to see the significant changes in their homes and in their savings, too.

Home insulation products from an Energy Star partner apply state-of-the-art foil laminating technology that is guaranteed to save homeowners at least 25% on their heating and cooling costs.  These products give homes a longer life as they help prevent mildew, condensation, settling, and toxic molds.  What’s more, these advanced products are non-allergenic, fiber-free, and practically maintenance-free.