With more than 17 years of experience, Statewide Remodeling is known for its top-notch service all across Texas.  So it isn’t any surprise that some of our previous clients and other people come to us with their questions.

One of the more prevalent issues we get is about people’s attics getting too hot in the summer.

Most people think that it is normal for their attics to be hot, especially in the summer months.  Experience also reinforces this idea, as a visit to any attic in older homes definitely causes you to break out into sweat in no time.

A hot attic increases your energy bills. When your attic traps too much heat, it will go down to your house.  This will urge you to turn the air conditioning up and you leave it for a much longer time than you are willing to pay for. Your comfort is at stake. Even if it’s nighttime, you would need to have the air conditioning on or you would not be able to sleep from the heat.  This is especially true for those rooms in the upper floors.  When you turn off your air conditioning, the heat from your attic would make it seem like you have a burning oven over your head.  The heat also travels down and replaces the comfortable temperature all around the house. Overheated attics can also lead to dried-out trusses. What’s worse, an overheated attic could mean that you do not have proper attic insulation or adequate attic ventilation, which could also be a problem when the colder months come in as it can also cause molds to grow and fester in your attic.

Making sure that your attic is well ventilated and that you have proper attic insulation, such as having radiant barrier insulation, is just one of the things you need to do when summer comes along.  It is a good way to regulate the temperature in your attic and help you live comfortably, cut costs and prolong the structural soundness and safety of your house.