5 Reasons Why People End Up Replacing Their Windows

Unless you’re in the remodeling business, windows just aren’t a subject that is top of mind. We do thousands of replacement windows projects each year and most of our clients haven’t thought about their windows in years until something happens. Take a look at some of the most common reasons why people need to replace their windows. Basic Wear and Tear

Just think about it, your windows have to stand up against everything the outside throws at it – rain, wind, debris, snow and more. Not to mention the attention they can receive from inside your house. Opening and closing, the accidental bumps, and even the occasional cleaning can add stress to your windows. Warranties are only meant to last so long and when the time comes to replace old windows– you should do it before it causes additional issues.

The Infamous Stray Ball

Remember the days where you played baseball in your backyard and one pitch sailed beyond your own fence and into the neighbor’s yard? You would be lucky to retrieve it without running into the dog or losing it forever. Let’s fast forward to adulthood where you’re a homeowner, that stray ball or hockey disc is your worst nightmare.  Nothing about having a broken window and a new baseball is ideal – especially when you don’t have anyone to take responsibility for it. We see situations like this all the time but we feel it gives homeowners the opportunity to upgrade to a solution better than what they currently have.

Security Concerns

There are thousands of burglaries that happen each year with residential properties as the primary target. Windows are common entry points – especially during the summer months. If your window locks and fastens aren’t secure, you could be overlooking a serious vulnerability.  Your insurance may be able to cover the damage from a burglary but the emotional recovery is a much more expensive to repair. If you live in an older home or with small children, take precautionary steps to make sure your family is as safe as they can be.

High Energy Bills

High energy bills are something that many Texans are used to – especially in the summer months. However, overpaying for electricity is a problem easily solved with windows that actually help lower your overall costs. ENERGY STAR certified windows can save you between $27 and $465* a year on double or single pane replacement windows. Even for the people with the brownest of green thumbs, they can still appreciate a greener alternative to their bank account. Just think of what you could do with a couple hundred dollars each year – we’ve got a few ideas.


Home upgrades are hardly complete without looking to replace the windows. Over time, windows can weaken in structure – leaving your home vulnerable to break-ins or damage. Many homeowners will combine exterior renovations with upgrading their windows to make sure that the finished project is a sound investment for many years to come. In other cases, homeowners will add new windows as a selling proposition before they list their home on the market.  This creates a win-win situation for the buyer and seller.


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