With the hot Texas summer looming and gas prices soaring, we are all looking for ways to save energy and lower our utility bills. Cutting back on your energy consumption is a great place to start! Here are some simple ideas to save energy and money:

  1. Install programmable thermostats. There is no sense in running the air conditioning in your home while you are at work. Imagine saving energy all day while you are working AND being able to come home to a nice cool house!
  2. Turn down your water heater. You can save money by turning down your water heater by just 10 degrees. Also, wrap your water heater with an insulated blanket.  Better yet, buy a solar water heater and save lots of money!
  3. Dry your clothes outside. Clothing dryers are one of the biggest energy hogs in the house. If you are not set up for a clothes line, use the no heat setting on your dryer.
  4. Limit the use of your oven. Obviously, the oven can make a house unbearably warm in the summer months. Instead try to use a grill, microwave or toaster oven whenever possible.
  5. Use smart strips. Even if you have energy efficiency appliances, plugging them into smart strips can help save energy. 
  6. Change out your light bulbs for higher efficiency bulbs.
  7. Get thermal curtains. Thermal curtains keep hot air out and cold air inside.
  8. Choose the air dry option when using your dishwasher.
  9. Use ceiling fans and stand alone fans to help circulate cool air.
  10. Change or clean the filters in your air conditioning system often. Clean filters help keep your system running efficiently.

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