Home window tinting film is one of the most innovative products in the home energy efficiency market. Residential window film reflects solar heat without darkening window glass, which helps to keep the inside of your home cool and comfortable. This is especially beneficial in Texas, where the strong summer sun can cause your air conditioner to work overtime. If you’re interested in having energy efficient window film installed on your home in Dallas, Fort Worth, Bedford, or any surrounding community, SWR Energy Solutions can help. As a member of the reputable Statewide Remodeling family, we proudly offer 3M home window film and are dedicated to helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint and save money by enhancing the energy efficiency of their homes. Our window film can help you achieve those goals by reducing the temperature of your home, which allows your air conditioner to consume less energy in order to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Not only will 3M window tint make your home more comfortable, it will also reflect 99.9% of UV light, protecting your valuable furniture and floor coverings.